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Castrol Ratings Explained

One of FIFA’s newer stats is the Castrol index which is an objective way of providing the Player Ratings that were much more popular after matches last summer than this year.

While catching up on the World Cup stats, I found this article explaining how the Castrol Index values are calculated. As we suspected, passing is very important as are both goals and shots taken (assuming that the shots are considered dangerous shots).

Last summer, this site expended considerable effort trying to parse the Castrol Index’s factors to explain Gooch’s low ranking.  We were right that passing and shots played big roles, but didn’t consider the number of dangerous shots that a defender permitted the opposition to take.  Certainly, it makes sense as a metric for ranking defenders, but we didn’t discuss it.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=oguchi+onyewu+confederations&iid=5032655″ src=”http://view3.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/5032655/fernando-torres-oguchi/fernando-torres-oguchi.jpg?size=500&imageId=5032655″ width=”380″ height=”266″ /]

Ultimately, what may be more interesting is the reference to averages.  For example, Messi scored well because of how many goals you would score on average from his shots.  We have already demonstrated the seemingly obvious point that at least sometimes, winning soccer matches comes down to blind luck.  If it’s on your side, you’re in a tournament final.  If it works against you, you’re out in the Group Stage.  Of course, luck favors teams that create chances.  After all, you have almost no chance of scoring if you never kick the ball at your opponent’s goal.  Shoot shot after shot and sooner or later, the law of averages should play out.

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