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Correcting Misinformation on Larrionda

I’m no fan of Jorge Larrionda.  Heck, we coined a nickname for the son-of-a-gun that appears to have stuck.  (And earned the site its only wikipedia citation.)  [UPDATE:  On June 12, 2010, Mxcatania, an Argentinian, deleted reference to our site from Larrionda’s wikipedia entry.  Honestly, while I appreciated being cited, I was uncomfortable that that comment was selected and am glad that it is gone.]  But there’s a woefully poor statistic floating out there about him leading up to the England-Germany match.  Let’s correct it.

According to The Guardian (and repeated by Yahoo! Sports), Larrionda gives out red cards in 70% of the international matches he officiates.  But that’s not true.  It appears to be a derivation of his 94 red cards awarded in 140 international matches.  If you divide 94 by 140, you get 67% (not 70%).  The bigger problem is that this completely overlooks the fact that you can (and Larrionda has) given more than one red card in a match.  I’ve done the leg work and calculated how many of those 140 matches involved a red card.

Larrionda has issued red cards in 61 of his 140 matches.  That 44% ratio is still very, very high.  But it’s substantially lower than the 70% that has been reported.

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