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Bad Officiating Benefitting Good Teams

[UPDATE:  This post has been substantially modified to improve its grammar.]

A couple heinous calls today clearly affecting the matches.  Jorge Larrionda, who this site has criticized often, makes what has already been described as one of the worst calls in World Cup history and doesn’t award a very clear goal to England.  One that levels it up at the half and makes the whole event a brand new game.  Germany certainly didn’t need the help.  They had already scored 7 goals in the tournament up to that point.  And now Argentina is gifted a goal on one of the more obvious offsides calls I have seen.  Argentina had already scored 7 goals in the tournament up to that point as well.  Two of the highest-scoring teams at the World Cup getting gifted goal advantages.  Arguably, at least 25% of the quarterfinalists will be there because of bad officiating.

How bad were the calls?  It took literally one look at both of these calls to get them right.  In fact, it is hard to understand how an honest effort by three officials could miss either of them in the run of play.  The calls were so clear that technology could have been used to get the correct call in less time than it takes most players to get up from an “injury.”  FIFA’s continued argument that getting calls that impact world championships correct (or at least not horribly, obviously wrong) is somehow less important than the flow of the game — while continuing to allow (and implicitly encourage) players to stall and dive — is laughable.  We should not sacrifice justice for convenience.

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