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US v. Ghana: Quick Hits on Passing

Notwithstanding our repeated pleas, the U.S. isn’t big on passing the ball.  But pass they must.  So let’s look quickly at how our passing compares with that of today’s opponent, Ghana.

Team Stats

In the Group Stage, Ghana made 1428 passes, completing 74% of them (1053).  The U.S. attempted 1274 passes, completing 68% of them (871).

When it comes to crosses, the U.S. and Ghana are roughly equal.  The US has connected on 14 of their 52 attempts.  (27%).  Ghana has connected on 11 of their 48 crosses (23%).

As for corner kicks, Ghana shares the love (three players have attempted corners) and connected on 4 of 14 corner kicks (29%).  For the U.S., corners are the Landon Donovan show (who has attempted all but one of the team’s corners — taken by Torres).  Landon is 4 of 11 on corners (36%).

Individual Stats

Six Black Stars have completed at least 80% of their passes.  For the U.S., only three can claim that honor and none are starting against Ghana:  Holden (1-1, 100%); Torres (25-30, 83%); and Feilhaber (23-28, 82%).

One of the team’s worst passers, Ricardo Clark, is starting in the midfield.  He’s completed 17 of 33 for a measly 52% rate.  Fellow starters Jozy Altidore (29-73, 53%) and Robbie Findley (15-28, 54%) are also among the poorest on the squad.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Bornstein, who takes his licks, is a good passer (26-35, 74%).

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