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US v. Ghana: A Disciplinary Preview

Rather than focus purely on the referee, Viktor Kassai, I thought it would be more interesting to lump his statistics with the disciplinary stats of the United States and Ghana in this World Cup.

The U.S. and Ghana are pretty close in terms of discipline:

Ghana 6 0 0 48 28 3
U.S. 6 0 0 43 44 8

YC (Yellow Cards).  YAC (Yellow Accumulation Reds).  RC (Red Cards).  FC (Fouls Committed).  FS (Fouls Suffered).  HB (Handballs).

Only Denmark suffered fewer fouls in the group stage than Ghana did.  (27 to 28).

So, two teams roughly even in discipline received at the World Cup.  Ghana’s done better about avoiding handballs, but appear to have a hard time getting fouls called by referees.

And onto this backdrop, let’s add Kassai. . . .According to WorldReferee.com, he’s a travel agent who speaks English, Hungarian, and German.  He’s officiated 54 international matches: awarding 13 penalty kicks, 8 red cards, and 204 yellow cards.  So we’re looking at awarding a penalty kick once every four matches.  And just a shade under four yellow cards per match.

Kassai has never officiated a match involving the US and Ghana MNTs, though he did ref a 2009 match in the U-17 World Cup in which the U.S. lost to Spain 2-to-1.  The U.S. received three yellows to Spain’s two.  But it was Spain who received the match’s sole red card.

In short, yet another match officiated by a man who has historically allowed the teams to settle the matter amongst themselves.  Should be a good one.

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