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Group C Judgment Day: The Referees

Let’s preview the referees for the final two matches of Group C.  As usual, I’m indebted to WorldReferee.com for their stockpile of statistics.  Fortunately, there’s no suggestion that either match should be anything other than fairly officiated matches, the way they’re supposed to be.

Slovakia v. England: Wolfgang Stark

England is 3-0 when Stark is the referee, including a 2-1 Euro 2004 victory over Slovakia in which Slovakia took an early lead that England tied on a “dubious” penalty kick awarded by Stark.  (An incorrect offsides call — unclear whether it was Stark or the linesman who made the call — negated another English goal.)  In three matches, Stark has issued four yellow cards to English opponents but none to England.

Slovenia is 1-0 with Stark as the referee.  Their sole match with Stark was the October 10, 2009 qualifier against Slovakia which Slovenia won 2-0.  Slovenia received only one yellow card versus five for Slovakia.

And random trivia: Stark has officiated 46 international matches since January 2006 and 12 have ended in ties.  More random trivia: Stark is the official who red-carded Michael Orozco in the third minute of the U.S.’s final match in the group stage of the 2008 World Cup (against Nigeria).

Two teams that have had good luck with Stark as their referee playing for their survival.  Should be a good match.  Though Stark will have no trouble changing the landscape of the match very early if he sees fit.

United States v. Algeria: Frank de Bleeckere

This is de Bleeckere’s first time officiating both the United States and Algeria.

In 96 international matches, de Bleeckere has averaged .18 penalty kicks, .25 red cards, and 3.85 yellow cards per match.

As with Stark, no obvious pattern of favoritism appears for de Bleeckere.  He seems to keep matches in control and avoid too much interference with the match.  Should also be a fairly called match.

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