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Carlos Simon — Senor Tarjeta Amarilla

I’m going to resume blogging where we left off — Referees.  Carlos Simon has been selected to officiate Saturday’s well advertised match between the United States and England.  Once the match begins, he’ll be the first Brazilian referee to officiate three consecutive World Cups.  But he’s also coming off a six-week ban related to “persistent allegations of corruption” and even better: he loves putting his stamp on matches.

Carlos Simon’s Statistics:

According to WorldReferee.com, Carlos Simon has officiated 99 international matches and awarded 20 PKs, 30 RCs, and a mind-blowing 466 YCs.  He maintains an average of 4.71 yellow cards per international match.

In five World Cup matches, Simon has issued 28 (yes, twenty-eight) yellow cards.  That’s an average of over five per match.  But he’s only issued one red card and awarded two penalty kicks, so it isn’t a matter of him routinely putting one side down a man.

Simon has officiated two U.S. matches:  the 2000 Olympic opener against the Czech Republic — a 2-2 draw that saw Conor Casey and Chad McCarty yellow carded and involved a disputed non-penalty on a behind-the-back tackle of Josh Wolff in the 88th minute and the 1999 U-20 World Cup Round of 16 in which the U.S. lost 3-2 to Spain.

Here’s a more detailed look at his match-by-match yellows:

2002 World Cup

  • England v. Sweden, 1-1.  Three YC (1, 2).  Fouls Committed (13, 15).  Positions Carded: 2 DF, 1 FW
  • Mexico v. Italy, 1-1.  Seven YC (2-5).  Fouls Committed (18, 16).  Positions Carded: 1 GK, 2 DF, 1 MF, 3 FW

2006 World Cup

  • Italy v. Ghana, 2-0. Five YC (3, 2).  Fouls Committed (8, 22).  Positions Carded: 3 MF, 2 FW
  • Spain v. Tunisia, 3-1, Eight YC (2, 6), 1 PK (1, 0).  Fouls Committed (9, 24).  Positions Carded: 4 DF, 2 MF, 2 FW
  • Germany v. Sweden, 2-0, Five YC (1, 4), 1 RC (1, 0), 1 PK (0, 1).  Fouls Committed (16, 20).  Positions Carded: 1 DF, 1 MF, 2 FW

Outlook for U.S.

Not too bad.  If you had to draw conclusions from his World Cup performances, they would be:

  1. He dislikes African teams.  The only two blowouts in terms of fouls committed were in favor of African nation opponents.
  2. He’s more likely to YC a forward player versus a defensive one.  10 FWs in 5 matches were yellow carded.  Only 7 MFs and 9 DFs (4 of the 9 in the same match).
  3. He has an uncanny knack for keeping the same point spread across multiple matches in a single World Cup.  In 2002, both matches ended in ties.  In 2006, all three matches involved two-goal margins of victory.

So let’s accept that Carlos Simon is going to issue yellow cards.  I’d guess three total.  If the US reverts to its 0-10-1 formation from last summer, England could outcard us.  Of the Americans, the players with a higher probability of yellow cards are Gooch, Dempsey, and Altidore (assuming he plays).

As for the score, I wouldn’t be surprised with either a tie or a two-goal victory for one side.  (I know, not going out on much of a limb here.)

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