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Height & Weight: U.S. – Panama

The main stats for the U.S. – Panama quarterfinal were posted yesterday.  But during a discussion with a friend, I began wondering about whether either side had an advantage in height or weight.  Here is what I found.  I know that height and weight statistics are subject to gamesmanship among teams, but for the purposes of this post we will assume that a player’s height and weight are accurately reported.


U.S. Roster (Height & Weight in parentheses, as provided by www.sams-army.com unless otherwise noted)

GOALKEEPERS: Troy Perkins (6’2, 170), Luis Robles (6’1, 180)

DEFENDERS (5): Jimmy Conrad (6’2, 185 [kc.wizards.mlsnet.com]), Clarence Goodson (6’4, 170), Jay Heaps (5’9, 155 [espn.com]), Chad Marshall (6’4″, 190 [espn.com]), Heath Pearce (5’10, 175)

MIDFIELDERS (8): Davy Arnaud (6’0, 165 [kc.wizards.mlsnet.com;  5’11, 159 [espn.com]), Kyle Beckerman (5’11, 155), Colin Clark (5’11, 161 [coloradorapids.com]), Sam Cronin (5’10, 160), Brad Evans (6’1; 160), Stuart Holden (5’10, 160), Logan Pause (5’10, 155), Robbie Rogers (5’10, 165 [columbus.crew.mlsnet.com)

FORWARDS (3): Brian Ching (6’0, 185), Kenny Cooper (6’3, 207 [fc.dallas.mlsnet.com]), Santino Quaranta (6’1, 185 [dcunited.com])

Panama Projected Line Up (Height & Weight in parentheses, as provided by zerozerofootball.com)

GOALKEEPER (1):  Jaime Penedo (6’0, 157 )

DEFENDERS (4):  Felipe Baloy (6’0, 185), Luis Moreno (6’0, 198), Roman Torres (5’11 or 6’0, 201), Armando Gun (5’9, 161).

MIDFIELDERS (4):  Either Rolando Escobar (6’0, 168) or Ricardo Phillips (5’6, 150), Gabriel Gomez (6’1, 157), Nelson Barahona (5’6, 139), and Amilcar Henriquez (5’9, 139)

FORWARDS (2):  Jose Garces (6’0, 161) and Blas Perez (6’1, 174)



Bob Bradley could start any arguable forward from his pool and have at least some size advantage.  Kenny Cooper (6’3″) is a physical beast, with at least three inches and as many as 46 pounds on the defenders.  Ching, Quaranta, and Arnaud (who could move up top) are all relatively close to the defense.  Arnaud (U.S.) and Gun (Panama) are both a bit light, but they could cancel each other out.  In other words, if Cooper is on the field, the U.S. has a physical advantage.


The U.S. roster has good size in the midfield.  The height and weight are consistent across players.  Heights range from 5’10 up to 6’1 (6’0 if you switch Brad Evans’ 6’1 frame to defense).  And weights are close together as well (ranging from 155 to 165).  Panama has much less consistency:  Escobar and Gomez have at least an inch on American midfielders, but their teammates Phillips and Barahona are both small (both are 5’6 and they weight 150 lbs and 139 lbs respectively).  Here too, the U.S. looks to have an advantage, albeit a very slight one.


With the exception of Jay Heaps, who probably will not start, the U.S. has good size in the back.  Which is fortunate because Panama’s teaming of Garces and Perez stand between 6’0 and 6’1.  And the U.S. defense probably will include Chad Marshall who should be the tallest person on the field — with the mass to go along with it.

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