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2010 World Cup Roster Projections — Forwards

This is the second part in our series looking at the basic statistics behind the players ostensibly in contention for spots on the 2010 World Cup roster.  As before, we’re showing the rankings from Yanks Abroad (“Y.A.”) and ESPN.  This time, I’m looking at the stats for our forwards.

Player Y.A. ESPN 09-min 09-G 09-A BB-min BB-G BB-A
Jozy Altidore 1 7 657 5 0 1006 7 2
Charlie Davies 8 12 443 2 2 523 3 2
Brian Ching 17 11 424 1 1 1164 6 4
Freddy Adu 17 24 181 1 0 709 2 2
Conor Casey 24 23 138 0 0 153 0 0
Brian McBride 17   0 0 0 0 0 0
Kenny Cooper 31   117 0 0 251 2 0
Eddie Johnson 31   0 0 0 1027 3 0


ESPN projects us taking four forward to South Africa and that’s sounds right.  And when you look at the numbers, it is easy to see why everyone agrees on Jozy as the top forward.  Only Brian Ching has played more minutes at forward since Bradley took over.  And no forward has outscored Jozy.

Charlie Davies also looks like a statistical lock.  He is a relatively new addition to the squad, but only Altidore has outscored him in 2009.  And he’s one of only two forwards to have an assist this year.

Brian Ching has had better years.  Prior to 2009, Ching averaged a goal every 184 minutes.  Now he’s down to one goal in 424 minutes.  But he leads all forwards in playing time in the Bradley era.

Freddy Adu appears to be in a battle with Casey, Cooper, and Johnson.  (Y.A. claims McBride could make a comeback, but unless Davies, Altidore, and Adu all ride the pine, I don’t think it happens.)  And each of the four has a fair argument.  Personally, I would pencil in Altidore and Davies, with Ching backing up Jozy.  Adu and Eddie are the two most likely candidates to back up Davies and I think you go with Adu for his free kick ability and knack for putting shots on goal.  (A topic I will address in depth in a future post.)

  1. wjmooner
    July 15, 2009 at 9:37 am

    I’ve decided to discuss this more in a future post, but I’d make the argument that Brian Ching is a poor option to come off the bench. I may be biased though because I follow Freddy’s twitter account but not Ching’s.

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