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Walter Quesada — Still Okay With Us

Prior to today’s match, we predicted that we would see a relatively fair match officiated by Walter Quesada.  And frankly, Quesada did a reasonable job.

Statistically speaking, the U.S. got all three of Quesada’s yellow cards.  Two were for professional fouls (grabbing player/jersey) and one was an apparent mistake on a dive near the box by Haiti.  (On the plus side, it rules Parkhurst out of the next match and forces Bradley to give someone else a chance back there.  Parkhurst has 199 of 270 possible minutes.)

Fouls committed were roughly equal:  14 for the U.S. and 11 for Haiti.  From minutes 60 to 85, the U.S. committed 5 fouls to Haiti’s 2.  But from the 85′ minute on, Haiti got called for 2 fouls and the U.S. committed none.

My Personal Feeling

In my personal opinion, it did feel that Quesada was judging the U.S. a little more harshly than Haiti.  But, to be fair, it mostly felt that way in the second half, the first 21 minutes of which were dominated by Haiti.  And Haiti needed a result.  So in the grand scheme of things, it would be hard for any referee to give the benefit of the doubt to a team guaranteed to advance to the next round over a team that was (a) playing better and (b) desperately needed a result.

In other words, I know after the Confederations Cup that U.S. fans are on high alert for bad officiating.  But I’m not ready to move Quesada from the list of acceptable referees into the “Oh Crap, This’ll Be Fun” list based on tonight’s performance.  He kept the match under control.  And true to his preference, he refrained from issuing unnecessary reds or penalty kicks.

UPDATE.  A random bit of trivia for you:  Quesada has now officiated two U.S. MNT matches.  In each match, the U.S. was called for 14 fouls and its opponent called for 11 fouls.

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