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U.S. – Haiti: Today’s Referee

Today’s group-stage match between the U.S. and Haiti will be officiated by Costa Rican official Walter Quesada.  The following is based on the stats compiled by WorldReferee.com.

Quesada has only officiated one MNT match:  a 1-2 loss to Trinidad & Tobago on October 15, 2008 in which he issued one yellow card (to the U.S.).  He called 14 fouls on the U.S. and 11 on T&T.  He also officiated the U.S. in qualifying for the 2008 Olympics (a 3-0 victory over Canada: 3 yellows – 1 to the U.S.).  He has never refereed a match with a Haitian national team.

In 38 matches, he has issued 123 Yellow Cards, 11 Red Cards, and 12 Penalty Kicks.  He’s issued red cards in 9 of his 38 matches (23.6%).  He averages 3.24 Yellow Cards per match.

In short, Mr. Quesada appears to be a reasonable official who should not demonstrate any particular bias in the match.

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