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U.S. – Haiti Match Statistics

A 2-2 draw thanks to Stuart Holden’s second goal in as many caps.  (FSC said he has three caps, but he was an unused sub against Honduras.)

Shots Taken / Shot Position

Because of problems with our usual data source for shots taken, I made an unofficial count myself and ended up with 18 shots.

Arnaud and Holden led the U.S. in shots with 4 each.  Davies had 3.  C. Clark and Cooper had 2.  Conrad, Cronin, and Heaps each had 1.  (CONCACAF credited Ching with a header in the 84′ minute but I didn’t credit it as a shot.)  But shot location is where things get interesting.  (If you need help with our abbreviations, check out our page laying out how we do shot location):

  • Stuart Holden took 3 of his 4 shots from outside the penalty area and got three decent results:  a goal; a shot off the crossbar; and a save.  He sent his only shot from inside the penalty area (PB) wide W(B).
  • Davy Arnaud took 3 of his 4 shots from inside the penalty area.  Two were in PB (one blocked, one goal).  And his shot from PP was blocked.  His only shot from outside the box (OP) was high.
  • Charlie Davies took two of his 3 shots from PB:  one blocked and one wide – W(B).  His shot from OP was also blocked.
  • As a team, the U.S. took 3 shots within the goal box – GW, all of which went high.  It took 7 shots inside the penalty area, had 1 goal, 3 blocked, 1 saved, and 2 wide – W(B).  The U.S. only took two shots while standing in front of the goal PG and OG.  Both went wide – W(B).

Charlie Davies Sparks the Offense

Charlie Davies did not score, but provided an immediate spark to the U.S. attack.  After taking 7 shots in the first half, the U.S. did not take a single shot in the second half until Charlie Davies came on in the 63′ minute.  The U.S. took 4 shots in his first 10 minutes on the field, 3 shots in the next 10 minutes, and 4 in the final 10 minutes.

Brian Ching’s substitution in the 77′ minute arguably sparked another set of shots with 5 on goal (including the game winner) in his 13+ minutes.  But unlike Davies, Ching came on while the offense was already out of its 21-minute, second-half funk.

Official Stats from CONCACAF

And now, here are the ‘official’ stats from CONCACAF:

The U.S. & Haiti were equal on Shots on Goal; each had 5.  But the U.S. sent 8 shots wide to Haiti’s 2.  The U.S. earned twice as many corner kicks (8-4).  Haiti was called offsides 7 times (0 for the U.S.).  In a pleasant surprise, the U.S. actually won the possession battle with the ball 53% of the time.

In terms of fouls, the U.S. committed 14 to Haiti’s 11.  In the final 30 minutes, the U.S. was called for 5 and Haiti for 4.  Only Haiti was called for fouls in the final 5 minutes (85′ on).  The U.S. earned 3 yellows to Haiti’s 0.

Almost Trivia

Interesting note:  but for Holden’s stoppage time shot, the U.S. was in position to lose 2-1 to Haiti.  In the only other match Walter Quesada has refereed for the MNT, the U.S. lost 2-1 to Trinidad & Tobago, the team that Haiti beat out for Cuba’s spot in the Gold Cup.

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