Today’s Scenarios

Tonight the U.S. plays Haiti.  There are a couple interesting scenarios here:

  1. If the U.S. doesn’t lose OR if they lose by only one goal and Honduras beats Grenada, they win the group and face the ‘better’ of Jamaica, Panama or Nicaragua in the quarterfinals.  Otherwise, they’ll face Group A winner Canada.
  2. If Haiti wins by two or more goals OR if they win by one goal AND Honduras doesn’t beat Grenada, they’ll win the group.

For U.S. fans, we’re looking to avoid Jamaica in the quarterfinals.  We’re 5-0-1 against Panama in the last 5 years — with 14 goals for and only 2 goals conceded.  And we’re 2-0-1 against Canada over that same time:  4 goals for and 1 goal against.  But Jamaica gives the U.S. problems.  We’re 1-0-3 against them, with 6 goals for and 4 goals conceded.  our last match against them on April 11, 2006 ended in a 1-1 draw.  (The U.S. hasn’t played Nicaragua in the past 5 years.)

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