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Match Preview: Los Grenadiers (Haiti)

Today the U.S. takes on Haiti in the final match of the group stage.  Haiti comes into the match with a 1-0 loss to Honduras and a 2-0 victory over Grenada.  Its goal scorers are a pair of 23-year olds:  James Marcelin (midfield) and Fabrice Noel (forward).

Let’s compare Haiti’s stats (as compiled by CONCACAF) with those of the U.S.:

First, Haiti:

      Grenada     Opps
SOG 9 7
SW 12 2
F 28 27
CK 14 9
Off 9 7
Poss % 51 49


And the U.S.:

         U.S.       Opps
SOG 17 4
SW 11 3
F 23 16
CK 17 3
Off 1 11
Poss % 54 46


Although the U.S. has a commanding lead over its opponents in shots on goal, the U.S. took only 10 shots against Honduras (when we utilized the target-striker attack).  And our possession dropped from a commanding 57% to a much more pedestrian 51%.  In other words, the strong statistical edge the U.S. possesses heading into this match could largely evaporate depending on the attacking scheme Bob Bradley chooses.


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