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Ratings Policy

We are no longer featuring our Ratings Policy as a separate tab on our site.  But here is our ratings policy, for those who are interested:

Like most soccer fans, we are always keen to find out the player ratings assigned by our favorite writers.  They are one of the first things we look for the morning after a match.  And they help ground our discussions about the merits of individual players and the team itself.

We have identified four writers/sources whose player ratings we find particularly interesting and useful:  ESPN, Ives Galarcep (soccerbyives.com), Greg Seltzer (noshortcorners.com & Soccer365.com), and Goal.com.  (When Ives authors the ESPN player ratings, those ratings will be counted only to Ives in order to avoid giving his rankings a disproportionate effect on the composites.)  After these sources have released their ratings, we will release a composite for each player identifying their average score and the scores they received from the experts (in order of lowest to highest).  We will also identify the average score for the match.

To both respect the writer’s hard work and preserve the fun of looking up each writers’ rankings, we will not disclose which author gave which rating.  But, to give you a sense of the writers’ overall attitude towards the players, we will provide their average score.

While we look only at the numbers, the writers’ discussions justifying their rankings is not only important, but part of the fun.  This composite is not intended to replace your visits to those authors’ works.  We will provide links to the original articles and we strongly encourage you to check them out.

If you know of any other authors whose ratings should be included, please let us know.

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