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The U.S. Keepers — A Finals Preview

As promised, let’s take a look at the U.S. players’ individual statistics heading into today’s final against Brazil.  The top two keepers are Tim Howard and Brad Guzan.

Tim Howard

In 270 minutes (Italy, Brazil, and Spain), Howard has made 25 saves and conceded 6 goals.  He has earned a Casterol Index rating of 5.24.

In addition to the 6 goals he allowed in the group stage, the biggest statistical knock on Howard is his pass completion rate (47%).  In the group stage in particular, Howard demonstrated a tendency to aim for the long pass.  Of his 107 passes, his most common target is forward Jozy Altidore.

In the first match against Brazil, Howard completed 61% of his passes.  But against Spain, he completed only 30%.

Howard has also lost 21 balls.  Only one player has lost more.

Commentators gave Howard an average rating of 6.1 in the group stage and 8.3 for his performance against Spain.

Brad Guzan

Guzan provided teammate Howard with a much-needed break; starting the Egypt match and playing a solid 90 minutes.  Guzan has made 4 saves and has not conceded any goals.  He has not been given a Casterol Index rating.

Guzan is statistically slower than Howard (a 16.44 km/hr top speed during this tournament vs. Howard’s 22.08) but a much more accurate passer (66%).

Guzan has lost 6 balls.

Guzan was rated 6.8 by the experts for his performance against Egypt.

Like Howard, Guzan’s favorite target on passes is Jozy Altidore.

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