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Bradley and Clark: Joined at the Hip

Michael Bradley and Ricardo Clark might be the two closest people in Confederations Cup history.  It seems that if both of them are on the field, they are right next to each other.  In fact, according to the EMIRATES Matchcast on FIFA.com, there is only one 15-minute period of time in which both Bradley and Clark were on the field and they were not overlapping (graphically represented by having their jerseys touching on a ‘tactical view’ of the field).

I don’t have the rights to reproduce the images, so if you want to see what I mean then do the following:

  1. Go to this web site
  2. Click on the “EMIRATES Matchcast”
  3. Click on the “Pitch” tab
  4. You’ll see a drop-down box that says “Tactical Line-up” – when you click on the box, you can see a “Tactical View” in 15 minute increments.  It shows where on the field was for that period of time (to the extent you can say a soccer player was at any specific point on the field.)
  5. Now search through them (or the EMIRATES Matchcast for the Egypt match or the first 30 minutes of the Italy match).  When you look for Bradley and Clark, you’ll notice that two players’ shirts are almost always touching.  In fact, the only period of time for which their jerseys do not touch is minutes 1-15 of the Spain match.

Players sometimes overlap a teammate’s position, but I didn’t notice any other players in the tournament who did it so consistently.

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