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Argentina 1990: A Profile

If you haven’t already, check out our post detailing the World Cup’s Disciplinary history to find out why Argentina 1990 is a team that might interest U.S. fans.  Or continue reading after the break.

Argentina 1990 set a record for the most-yellow-carded and most straight-red-carded team in a FIFA international tournament.  21 yellows, 3 straight red cards in 7 matches.  And Argentina 1990 has the distinction of having the first two players sent off in a World Cup final (which it lost 1-0 to West Germany):  Midfielder Pedro Monzon, who was red-carded in the 64th minute aftering coming on in the 45th minute, and Forward Gustavo Dezotti who earned his second yellow in the 87th minute.  Germany scored its lone goal on an 85th minute penalty kick.

Match-by-Match:  Who was sent off; When; Straight Red or Yellow Accumulation

Group Stage:

  • Cameroon — Two Cameroon players (61′ [R] and 89′ [YA])
  • Soviet Union — One Soviet player (48′ [R])
  • Romania — No Reds


  • Yugoslavia — One Yugoslavian player (31′)


  • Italy — One Argentina player (103′)


  • Germany — Two Argentina players (see above)
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