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United States v. Spain — By the Numbers U.S. Preview

Off to see Steve Nash’s Showdown in NYC.  But before we go, wanted to at least share some U.S. numbers heading into this afternoon’s matchup against Spain.

United States:

Offensive Statistics

The U.S.’s four goals makes them third in the tournament.  All four of the United States’ goals have been scored from the penalty area (including Landon Donovan’s penalty kick).

The U.S. has mounted 29 attacks:  10 from the left; 14 from the center; and 5 from the right.  It has made 31 solo runs and 20 deliveries into the penalty area.  Americans have only been called offsides twice in the tournament.

The U.S. has put 17 of its 35 shots on goal.  Of the 17 shots on goal, 11 have been from inside the penalty area.  The U.S. has put 6 of 15 shots from outside the penalty area on goal.

The U.S. has had five free-kick shots (four direct kicks).

The Egypt match improved the U.S.’s passing completion percentage from 60% to 62%.  The team is completing only 64% of its short passes, 63% of its medium passes, and 60% of its long passes.  The U.S. is last in the tournament in passes attempted (1119);  the three other teams advancing from the group stage are the three leading teams in passes attempted.

The U.S. has lost possession on 12 of the 27 tackles suffered.

Defensive Statistics

The U.S. has made 35 clearances and been successful on 11.  The team has made 30 tackles, gaining possession on 14.

American keepers (Howard and Guzan) have made 21 saves.

Disciplinary Statistics

After the Egypt match, the U.S. is no longer the most heavily penalized team at the tournament.  Of the four teams advancing, only South Africa (46) has committed more fouls than the U.S. (45).  The U.S. has four yellow cards (a three-way tie for third place) and two red cards (first in the tournament).

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