One Foul, One Red

We would like to point out that Michael Bradley is the second American midfielder to get a red card for his first foul of the match.  The first:  Sacha Kljestan, who played 61 clean minutes before his first foul.  And he was rewarded for his clean play with a dubious straight red?

And now Michael Bradley commits his first foul of the game, in the 86th minute, and is similarly rewarded?

Can we openly ask what is going on?  I don’t have the stomach to research whether any other team has had two starters get a straight red on their first fouls of the game?  It has probably happened before — everything seems to have.

And in case you were curious, Ricardo Clark got red carded on his third foul in 33 minutes.

In the entire tournament so far, Fabiano (BRA) has 9 fouls and no cards — he leads the tournament in fouls committed.  Sergio Ramos (SPA) has 8 fouls and no cards and his teammate David Villa has 7 fouls and no cards.

Michael Bradley committed 6 fouls the entire tournament and got a yellow and a red card.

Ricardo Clark, for the record, hasn’t committed any fouls since that first match.  His one red card on three fouls committed would be a record.  But for Sacha, whose one red on one foul is the tournament record.


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