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Jorge, you predictable S.O.B. . . .

A quick post to say that unfortunately we called it: a late, questionable, straight red card to an American midfielder. Through four matches, the U.S. is the only team to get a straight red card for a foul. And it has gotten three of them.

While we wouldn’t go so far as to claim a vast FIFA conspiracy, the statistics are clear: the US has been penalized more harshly than any other team in this tournament. And in recent memory, no team has earned three red cards in a full-squad international tournament. And, as we’ve observed in comments on another blog, the U.S. isn’t getting more yellow cards. Rather, one yellow card almost each match is magically turning into a red card.

We’re sad that we called it exactly: four yellow cards and one red. And now three red cards in the last three matches Jorge’s officiated of ours.

Jorge F_ _ _ ‘in Larrionda

CLARIFICATION:  We didn’t call the late, ridiculous red card.  We suggested statistically that (a) there would be one and (b) there would be four yellow cards.  Because the U.S. is the only team getting red carded for fouls at this tournament (and Jorge is clearly fond of showing us the contents of his pocket), we guessed that it would be an American midfielder.  But statistics can’t predict how weak a red card will be.  (At least not any we’re familiar of.)

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