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Trivia Time

I’m a big fan of player ratings because they’re ostensibly objective and yet very subjective.  Even among people who agree on the basic principle that “X played well” can disagree on how “well” translates into a number from 1-10.

So, here’s some trivia questions about player’s ratings for you.  Answers follow after the link:

1.  In the group stage, what player had the largest difference between the lowest score he received from an expert and the highest?  (Note this is for the entire group stage, not any particular game.)

2.  What two players received the lowest rating of the group stage?  Bonus points if you identify (b) their score; (c) the match; and (d) the expert.

3.  Which player earned the highest score any American has received from an expert in the group stage?  In which game?

4.  Which two performances (Player and Match) had the greatest variation among expert ratings, with a 3.0 difference between their highest and lowest ratings?

1. Ricardo Clark, with a low score of 3.0 (ESPN – Carlisle, Italy) and a high score of 7.5 (goal.com, Egypt).

2.  Sacha Kljestan and DaMarcus Beasley who both received a 2.0 from ESPN (Carlisle) for their performances against Brazil.

3.  Landon Donovan earned an 8.5 for his performance against Egypt from Goal.com.  Six players have received a highest ranking of 8.0.

4.  DaMarcus Beasley’s performance against Brazil (ESPN – Carlisle and Ives gave him a 2.0; Goal.com rated him a 5.0) and Jonathan Spector’s performance against Egypt (Seltzer gave him a 5.0 and Goal.com rated him 8.0).

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