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Tim Howard Improves the Team by Sitting?

In preparation for the 2010 World Cup, FIFA has been rating Confederations Cup players using the Castrol Index, a fancy system that claims to evaluate every movement by the players on the field and assign a value (0-10) based on how much their actions either (a) increased the chance the opposition would score or (b) increased the chance their team would score.  A 10.0 is perfect.

Over the first two matches, the Castrol Index was not kind to Tim Howard:  he had only a 3.24 after the Italy match and a 4.58 after the Brazil match (making him 7th of 8 starting keepers — Buffon was 8th).  While it had previously been unkind, the Castrol Index was now downright mean.  Although Howard took a well-earned break yesterday (sitting in favor of his backup, Brad Guzan), his score actually went up as a result of the match to a 4.78.  According to the Castrol Index, Tim Howard contributed to his team’s victory more by sitting on the bench than in the 180 minutes he’d played in the first two matches.

Now, we all know that even computers make mistakes and that the ranking was probably intended for Brad Guzan.  But as it stands right now, it’s a slap in the face to our starting keeper.

You can check out Tim Howard’s Castrol Index here.

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