Composite Player Ratings — Group Stage

Now that the US is through, let’s take a quick look back at how the players were rated during the group stage.

Goalkeepers:  While it’s not fair to compare one keeper’s performance in two matches down a man (and to Italy & Brazil) and another’s at full strength against Egypt, player ratings are intended to be for the players, not the team.  So, fair or not, here we go.  The experts’ cumulative rankings put Howard at 6.1 and Guzan at 6.8.  Each of the three experts who ranked both (Ives, Seltzer and have Guzan rated higher.

Defenders:  Onyewu (6.6) and DeMerit (6.3) are the experts’ two favorite defenders.  Spector (5.7) is rated above Bornstein (4.1) by three of the four experts (ESPN, Ives, and Seltzer).

The Casterol Index on the other hand ranks Spector (5.38) our best back.  With Bornstein, DeMerit and Gooch following and ranked 25-27 out of 31 defenders.

Midfielders:  The experts’ favorite midfielder is Landon Donovan (6.6).  Bradley (6.3), Dempsey (5.6), and Feilhaber (5.6) round out the top four.  At the bottom, Clark (4.9), Kljestan (4.2), and Beasley (3.9).

Landon is every expert’s favorite, though Seltzer has him in a tie with Dempsey at 6.2.

The Casterol Index ranks Dempsey (8.26) the second-best midfielder of the group stage behind Kaka.  Bradley is fourth overall (8.19).  Donovan is classified as a forward, but his 7.43 would make him only the third-best American midfielder.

Fowards:  The experts’ favorite forward is Charlie Davies (5.7) who narrowly edges Altidore (5.5) and Casey (5.4).  Only ESPN has Altidore and Casey rated higher than Davies (in a tie at 5.0).

With the exception of Donovan, Jozy Altidore is the only American forward ranked by the Casterol Index.  His 5.83 is 12th out of the 17 forwards who are ranked by the index.

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