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US v. Egypt — Pregame Numbers

Let’s set out the pregame numbers heading into today’s match between the US and Egypt, which all seem to favor the Pharaohs.  Unless otherwise noted, statistics are taken from FIFA.com.

General Observations
In its first two matches, the US has taken 19 shots.  Only Egypt (17), New Zealand (13) and Iraq (7) have taken fewer.  The US has put 7 shots on target.  Only New Zealand (6) and Iraq (2) have fewer.
Italy and Brazil lead the tournament in Free-Kick Shots (6 and 5 respectively).  The US has 4 and Egypt has only 1.

Previewing the United States:

Offensive Statistics:

The US has taken 19 shots:  It has scored 1 goal (on a PK) on 9 shots inside the penalty area and none on 9 from outside the area.  (The 19th shot is not accounted for in FIFA’s stats).

For the US, attacks come from the center (8) and left (5).  Only 2 of our 20 attacks have been from the right.  The US loses possession on more than half of all tackles suffered (7 of 13).  The US has been called offsides twice, made 14 solo runs, and had 13 deliveries into the penalty area.
The US has completed only 409 passes (Iraq is the only other team that has not completed more than 600 passes), a measly 60% of all passes attempted (also worst in the tournament (other than Iraq, no team has completed less than 73%).  The US’s completion rates by distance are no better:  only 64% of short passes (worst); only 58% of medium passes (worst by 13%); and 59% of its long passes (6th place).

Defensive Statistics

The US has conceded 6 goals: 4 inside and 2 from outside the penalty area.

The US has made 26 clearances (completing 8), 17 saves (most in the tournament by 5), and gained possession on 9 of 15 tackles.

Disciplinary Statistics

The US has received 2 yellow cards and 2 red cards.  It has committed 33 fouls (tournament-leading) and suffered 24, with two handballs.

Previewing Egypt:

Offensive Statistics

Egypt has taken 17 shots:  It has scored 3 goals on 4 shots inside the penalty area and one goal on 11 shots from outside the area.
Egypt’s attacks come from the right (9) and center (7).  Of its 20 attacks, only four have been from the left.  It loses possession on less than 1/3 of all tackles suffered (12 of 38).  They’ve been called offsides four times; each of their goals has had an assist.  They’ve had 23 solo runs and 9 deliveries into the penalty area.
Egypt has completed 719 passes (75% of its attempts).  No team makes short passes with as much frequency as Egypt (27% of all its passes are short) and it completes 82% of them (best in the tournament).  Egypt completes 79% of medium passes and only 51% of long passes (which it uses least).Egypt has conceded 4 goals, all from inside the penalty area (including Brazil’s PK). 

Defensive Statistics
On defense, Egypt has made 9 saves, 28 clearances (6 completed), and gained possession on 11 of 27 tackles.
Disciplinary Statistics

Egypt’s received 4 yellow cards, 1 red (handball).  Egypt has committed 28 fouls and suffered 22, with four handballs.

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